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South Carolina SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of web design and development. The goal of search engine optimization is to drive traffic to a website, increase your organic presence, and solidify your local authority. This can be done by optimizing the title tags, meta data, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and mobile friendliness of the site. The experts at ESPY Marketing Solutions will perform extensive research to ensure the success of your business. 

Generating more income vs. traditional SEO companies

Our team of experts stay trained and up-to-date on any changes happening across the web. This means minimal downtime for your website and no missed leads, ever. Get the most out of your professional SEO & digital marketing company with ESPY Marketing Solutions expert staff of digital masters!

No Long-Term Contracts

We remain confident in our client results and they speak for themselves.
 No 12 or 24 month contract terms. Get your results quick and scale your business fast.

A South Carolina SEO Company with Modern Strategies

A South Carolina SEO company like ESPY Marketing Solutions can help you draw search volume and grow your business. With proven SEO strategies and website design, we can help you target customers and get more leads. The company has a proven track record of getting businesses to the top, and has even been named a top SEO company by DesignRush. We understand the importance of SEO and can get your website to the top of SERPs in South Carolina and beyond.

Getting your website ranked in the search engines is not an easy task. You may be feeling frustrated at times if your site is not on the first page. An SEO Charleston expert can help you climb up the Google rankings, and our experts have years of experience and know the right ways to get to the top.

ESPY Marketing Solutions team of experts can help your business excel with professional website design, search engine optimization, local map listings, franchise SEO, proper link building, citations, and more.

“Every client receives an in-depth and thorough proposal based on their local competition and market. We do this to ensure we can help every client in the best possible way and ensure the maximum amount of growth we can provide”

ESPY Marketing Solutions Founder & CEO, Brandon Smith

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Our Solutions

We have multiple teams here at ESPY Marketing Solutions to ensure we get your business the results it deserves. Our staff is comprised of highly trained individuals who have prior experience in the business niches we primarily work in. Some of our teams include energy experts, HVAC experts, photography experts, general contracting experts, and granite experts, & more. 

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Website Design

Design & Development

If you are searching for a Charleston SC web design agency to create a site for your business, be sure to choose one that knows how to create a site that has local appeal. You need a web design company that will understand and do the research for your local market in order to know the best strategies to use. We listen to our clients and understand their wants and needs, and provide expert feedback in order for you to achieve your desired results. Website design is an essential component of a company’s overall digital marketing strategy. Whether you are building your first website or replacing an old website, it’s an important step. Not only is the site the foundation for online marketing, but it’s also a tool for customer service. Most visitors turn to the Internet to find answers to questions before calling a business, so you need to make sure your site is easy to use and provides direct, clear information.

On-site Optimization

On-page optimization is an integral part of building a successful website. It ensures that your site has the content needed to match a search query. Also, it makes it easy for search engines to find your page. When search engine algorithms change, it is important to update your website in a way that still complies with the latest guidelines.

Having a website that is optimized for users will be the foundation of your internet marketing campaign. This includes incorporating keywords into the content of your webpage and making sure that your website can be crawled. The process of analyzing and improving your on-page SEO is complex and takes time. However, it is possible to gain more traffic and improve your rankings.

Form Submits & Lead Capture

Depending on your specific business, form submits and phone calls should be prioritized differently to yield the best results for you. Different industries must appeal to their customer and client base accordingly, and that means understanding both the market and the consumer. For these reasons, ESPY Marketing Solutions puts forth extreme care in our research process to understand your local competition and to ensure we are able to bring you the most optimal results. 

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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the search engines. By using various methods to promote a website, SEO efforts can improve the rankings and bring more traffic and more qualified leads to a website. In this way, businesses can get a competitive edge over their competitors. Search engine optimization is a very effective marketing strategy that can help businesses increase their sales and increase their visibility.

An experienced SEO agency in Charleston can help businesses find their way to the top of the search engines. They can offer national search engine optimization as well as local SEO. SEO Charleston has a team of professionals with over twenty years of combined experience in search engine optimization. A Charleston SEO agency will tailor their strategy to match your goals and target a specific audience.

Link Building & Citations

A well-executed local link building program can yield a healthy return on investment. For starters, you need to get your business listed in the right places. Luckily, there are a variety of local directory sites out there to choose from. These include Yahoo!, Foursquare, and the like. ESPY Marketing Solutions and their network of highly trained professional marketers have garnered possession of hundreds of authority websites and listing sites to better assist you.

Quality Content

Whether you have a blog or a website, the importance of good content on your site is critical. Having quality content on your site helps your audience and builds trust with them.

Good content can also help set your business apart from your competition. You can use this unique content to attract new audiences and stimulate ongoing return traffic from your website visitors.

Google algorithms use the quality of your content to determine where your page should rank. Using this strategy, you’ll get more exposure and reach and will increase your sales over time.

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Title Tags, Meta-data, & Mobile-friendliness

If you want to increase your website’s Charleston SEO traffic, you should start optimizing your title tags. These are the most important parts of your listing, and they should contain keywords that are relevant to your page content. But they aren’t just about ranking: they also help you to get people to click on your link.

Metadata is a set of structured information that helps search engines and web visitors to better understand the data on a page. Specifically, it gives the search engine context, which helps it to classify and rank the information. This information can be a good way to increase the visibility of your website, especially when it is used in conjunction with other strategies.

The rise of mobile device usage has changed the way consumers interact with websites. While many people have used their phones to find local businesses and check their email, most websites were designed for desktop viewing, meaning they need optimized.

South Carolina SEO & Web Design Experts

South Carolina SEO experts can optimize the content and structure of a website to improve its rankings in local search engines. Our SEO solutions aim to boost boost keyword rankings and generate organic traffic. ESPY Marketing Solutions will implement an in-depth strategy to promote your website, including content marketing and link building. This means more visibility in search engines, which will bring more qualified traffic and leads.

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Our work includes hundreds of website builds and ranking lead magnets.

Results that speak for themselves.

We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients and prove our worth with our exemplary results. 

Colorado Springs Fence Repair Co.

Colorado Springs Fence Repair in early 2016 had been around for years, but had no online presence. ESPY Marketing Solutions has helped them increase their monthly revenue by an astounding 316% since taking over their marketing strategies!

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Panorama Remodeling Inc.

Panorama Remodeling Inc. was founded mid 2020 at the height of the pandemic. After showcasing our abilities, Panorama signed up for an SEO package that blew them away with a staggering 861% increase to their bottom line!


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Tools for Success

ESPY Marketing Solutions utilizes only the industries most highly rated tools when completing your project. With the help of these software platforms, we can ensure you get the most optimal results possible. 

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Managing over 40% of all websites in the world, WordPress is the most powerful website management system on the market. With the complete control allowed by WP, there is nothing for your business we can’t do.
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Ahrefs quickly became one of the most popular keyword research tools and they continue to grow. The team there have comprised a massive database of not only keyword research tools, but site auditing as well.
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NameHero has become an extremely reliable hosting network over the years. The network they have created runs at an almost perfect 100% capacity, meaning virtually zero downtime ever for your website.
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Whitespark is one of the most trusted citation research tools on the market. With Whitespark, we are able to zero in on your local competition and match their authority almost instantly.

We are the Best South Carolina SEO Company

The #1 site in a search is not necessarily the one with the most pages, links, or visitors. Rather, the #1 site is the one that has the best overall performance. And the top 5 rankings receive 67% of the clicks. So if you want to gain visibility and sell more products, you must optimize your site and choose one of the best Charleston SC advertising agencies.

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Why You Need Professional Web Design

A professional website design is an important component of creating a strong image for your business. It is one of the tools that will help you create a strong brand and improve your search engine ranking.

You may have many ideas for your site, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing is to establish your goals. Once you have your objectives, you can work on developing the content for your website.

The next step is to determine which features you need. Some of these include calls to action, SEO, and accessibility. Also, you should consider updating your website’s content to provide more engaging and effective content.

Another factor to consider is a responsive design. This involves a flexible grid that will adjust to different screen sizes. As a result, you will have a more dynamic look.

Finally, you should focus on the typography of your website. Choose a primary font and a secondary. If you want to use other fonts, be sure that they fit in with your branding. Typography can make your written messaging stronger.

Professional website designers understand the customer’s journey. They know what layouts and colors will best entice visitors to stay on your site. And they can also remove stumbling blocks.

Why You Need an Expert in SEO

SEO agencies offer a variety of services. They work with businesses to drive organic traffic. The key is to create valuable content that converts potential clients into sales. SEO is a long-term process and it takes time to learn, but a good agency can help you see results. You may experience periodic dips in traffic, but, with the right strategies, you’ll have a page that ranks high in the SERP.

Good agencies will analyze your site and come up with a customized strategy. These strategies will also include keyword research to help rank you for your target audience. Your SEO company will check for broken links and recommend changes. Choosing the right agency can save your business a lot of money in the long run, you’ll be able to focus on your core business while your professional agency takes care of your digital marketing needs.

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Why You Need a Unique Content Writer

Having content on your page is one of the most important factors in ranking your website. As a matter of fact, you’ll even hear the phrase “content is king” thrown around the SEO world. Writing content for a webpage that is intended to rank, however, is not as simple as only writing quality content

Many factors must be included when setting forth a website ranking formula. Your text must be precise and direct in its message, but must also contain the right keywords and key phrases to be picked up by Google. This gets difficult as many keywords and phrases are not how one would normally speak. 

An expert content writer will be able to lay out your webpage content in a clear and concise manner that can be optimized for search engines. 

Why You Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new normal for businesses. This is due to the fact that more and more people are using the internet, and it has become easier and cheaper to advertise. One of the benefits of digital marketing is the resulting increase in sales. For example, you can target specific groups of consumers that are interested in your product or service, and you can measure the results of your advertising campaigns on the go.

Another reason that digital marketing is a good idea is that it makes you more visible. You can have your ads displayed to customers while they are browsing apps or browsing the web. It’s also a great way to learn more about your target market and re-evaluate your online offers. Some of the most impressive features of digital marketing are its ability to reach a larger audience and the number of users that you can serve. In the past, a business selling a particular product may only interact with its customers when they physically go to the store. With social media, a company can now exclude its non-buyers and focus on the ones who are ready to buy.

Why You Need ESPY Marketing Solutions

ESPY Marketing Solutions is client driven from start to finish. We offer everybody, website or no website, a free customized auditing video showing you some areas in your website you can immediately start implementing optimization techniques to improve your rankings. We are your go-to digital marketing consultants, here to help your small business scale faster, stronger, and more confidently

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

Digital Marketing is a process and deserves time to build your organic presence. You can expect to spend around 10% of your projected potential earnings once ranking within the top 3.

i.e.: potential earnings of $100,000/mo = $10,000/mo SEO

These numbers will change from profession to profession. Start up costs typically lesser against potential earnings until results can be seen. 

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Service Areas

We are a South Carolina based website design & SEO company with clients all around the United States. We offer free local photography of your business for your Google Business Profile as well as for your website for our local South Carolina clients. We proudly support owners of general contracting services, granite businesses, photography studios, HVAC companies, and more.